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Ben Vernille of Firearms Safety Academy is an NRA Certified Instructor in 6 disciplines. Ben has been shooting for more than 40 years, competing in numerous action shooting competitions around the country. He also competed for a number of years with the U.S. Army rifle team competing all over the country in all the top military and civilian matches.

Ben has studied top rifle and pistol champions to learn and understand what it takes to win in competition. He ran military rifle ranges with up to 50 shooters online at once and knows how to do this safely and effectively. He also has trained many students throughout the years in safe gun handling and shooting knowledge.

Ensure you’re taught firearm safety by a certified professional
U.S. Army First Sergeant (98th Div. Rifle team)
Attended the Army National Match School at Rock Island Arsenal
Years of Experience Running Combat & Competition Ranges
Graduated from the Fort Benning, Sniper School
U.S. Marksmanship Academy
NRA Certified Instructor
Attended Front Sight Academy
Smith & Wesson Armorers School
Trained with the Army Marksmanship Team at Fort Benning, GA.
NRA Certified Instructor Specialized in Rifle & Handgun Training
Shot & Trained for U.S. Army Sniper School Certifications
Yearly Competitor at Camp Perry Ohio
Attended Aberdeen Proving Grounds for Basic and Advanced Weapons Courses
NRA Certified Instructor Specialized in Defensive Shooting Skills, Tactics, & Techniques
Shot & Trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, with the Army Marksmanship Team
Attended Glock Armorers School
Sabre Defensive Spray Courses

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