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Welcome to Rochester, New York’s premiere firearm training center for your personal protectionFirearms Safety Academy! We offer both individual and class-size instructions to ensure that you are familiar and comfortable with your firearm. For more information on our classes or tactical scopes, visit our Firearm Services page to see what we can offer you!


People who are habitually prepared to defend themselves rarely have to

Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Firearms Safety Classes

Train hard today to meet tomorrow’s demands—that’s out motto here at Firearms Safety Academy. With our military experience, we have what it takes to teach you how to use your weapons the correct way. We have the credentials to make the difference!

Introducing Our Instructor

Ben Vernille is a firearms safety instructor with more than 40 years experience. Learn more about him on his bio page, as well as additional information on purchasing firearms through us for a hassle-free and professional sale.

Contact us today at (585) 216-9824 in Webster, New York, to schedule an appointment for your firearms safety class.

Our Aim Is To Instruct You Correctly


  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • U.S. Marksmanship Academy
  • Attended the Army National Match School at Rock Island Arsenal
  • Smith & Wesson Armorers School
  • Attended Front Sight Academy
  • Attended Aberdeen Proving Grounds for Basic and Advanced Weapons Courses
  • Trained with the Army Marksmanship Team at Fort Benning, GA.
  • Graduated from the Fort Benning, Sniper School

We do not teach offensive tactics! If this is your goal, please join the Army and THANK YOU for serving our Country
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